Itch that rashes: No scratch=No rash

Possible Triggers: Dryness, heat, pressure, rubbing/scratching, pet allergies, dust mite allergies


Keep Skin Moist:
  •  MOISTURIZE at least twice daily especially after showers/baths
  • Examples of moisturizers:
                     - Cetaphil, Spectro Eczema Care, Eucerin, Vaseline Creamy, Aveeno for Eczema or Itch, George Cream.
  •  For hand eczema: Barrier Creams: ie. Barriere, Prevex, Herbacin, Glysomed
  • Bath better then showers:
                     - Soak in water in bath 10 min (15 min. max)
                     - Use no or little soap (Dove or Oil of Olay soap best, least drying)
                    -  Pat dry with towel, do not rub (will irritate skin if rub)

                - Put medicated cream on red itchy spots (see below)

                - Moisturize rest of skin right away to lock in water from bath

Prevent Itch:
  • Use antihistamines
  • No fabric softener (can use (non-chemical) dryer balls instead)
  • If have to use: liquid softener better & should double rinse
  • Keep nails short
  • Wear soft, comfortable fabrics i.e. cotton, but NO wool


  • Steroid Creams/Ointments:

     - Topical (on surface of skin only)

     - Can cause thinning/bruising of the skin therefore use only on red itchy areas, not on normal skin

     - For face: Hydrocortisone 0.5-1% ONLY. No stronger steroid creams.

  • Non-Steroid Creams/Ointments:

     - Protopic and Elidel

     - Topical

     -  No thinning of the skin

     - Safe to use on face

     - When first using, you may feel a burning sensation

  - This usually gets better with continued use

  -  If burning occurs: can put in fridge.

  • Antihistamines

     - Reactine (Cetirizine) 1/day

     - Aerius (Desloratidine) 1/day

     - Allegra (Fexofenodine) 1/day

     - Claritin (Loratidine) 1/day

WET WRAP INSTRUCTIONS - for moderate to severe eczema


*** Created by Dr. Ellie Tsai MD, FRCPC Kingston Allergy and Asthma 613-546-6673***

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