Pet Allergies

It is NOT the fur that causes the allergies, therefore:

Short haired pets are not better for allergies than long haired pets

Avoidance measures:
  • Best: NO pets
  • Can take up to 6 months after the pet is gone for the symptoms to get better
  • 2nd best: Keep pet outdoors
  • 3rd best: Must always keep the pet out of bedroom (ie keep bedroom door closed)
  • Wash hands after petting
  • Mattress and pillow covers (pore size: 6 microns)
                     - Airtight: Covers the entire mattress or pillow, not just the top, and can be zipped up
                     - It should be made from material with tight enough weave so that the pet allergen cannot get in
                     - Breathable comfortable covers sold at:
                                  - Medical Arts Pharmacy 800 Princess St, telephone 613-549-3300
                                  - Walmart or Sears Canada "Aller-ease" products only
                                  - Cheaper plastic or vinyl covers also work, but are less uncomfortable to sleep on (you can put a
                                    washable mattress pad on top for added comfort 
  • Non carpeted floors are best (prevents build-up of pet allergen in carpets)
  • Portable HEPA filters help decrease pet allergens, but it is not certain whether or not it helps symptoms (some studies say it helps, while others say it does not)
  • Guidelines generally still recommend HEPA filters
Does Washing the pet help?

Only if you was your pet twice a week!

*** Created by Dr. Ellie Tsai MD, FRCPC Kingston Allergy and Asthma 613-546-6673*** 

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