Wet Wrap treatment

This treatment can be used for patients who have moderate-severe eczema

  • The patient should take a lukewarm bath using mild, soap-free cleanser, such as Cetaphil
  • A low or medium potency topical corticosteroid should be applied to all of the areas affect by eczema (red itchy areas only), applying it in the direction of hair growth
  • A non-medicated emollient (moisturizer) should then be applied to ALL of the skin
  • A warm wet layer is then applied over the treated skin.  This is done most conveniently by moistening a pair of form-fitting pajamas.  The pajamas should be soaked in warm, clean water, and wrung out, so that they are not dripping, and worn such that there is contact between the moist garment and the treated skin
  • Over the wet pajamas, a dry pair of pajamas or other form-fitting soft garment, preferably made of cotton, is worn
  • If possible:  The wet layer of pajamas should be re-moistened periodically, most conveniently by using a spray bottle of clean, warm water.  Ideally this would be performed every 2 hours
  • This is left in place for at least 12 hours, typically overnight.

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