Eczema Personal Care Product Guide

What makes a good moisturizer?

- Products containing ceramide as an ingredient
- Thicker the better.  Avoid moisturizers that are runny or thin (unless it contains ceramide)
- Some examples are:
   - Cetaphil RESTORADERM Eczema Moisturizing Lotion*
   - Goldbond Ultimate Restoration*
   - Curel Extreme Care Intensive Lotion* (ceramide is listed as Cetyl-PG Hydroxyethyl Palitamide)
   - CeraVe moisturizing cream*
   - La-Roche-Posay Lipikar Baume AP
   - Vanicream - the lotions only are free of dyes, lanolin, fragrance, masking fragrance, protein, parabens and formaldehyde.  Available on-line here
   - Exederm (only available in the US, but can be ordered online here
* Products contain ceramide

How about barrier creams?

   - Wellskin Barriere cream is silicone based, easy to use and non-greasy
   - Prevex Protectant cream is petroleum based
   - Glysomed hand cream is silicon and petroleum based
   - Herbacin hand cream is silicon and glycerin based

Household/ personal care products:

   - Sunlight sensitive skin is fragrance free, dye free and hypoallergenic
   - Exederm Allergen free household products and personal care products (found on-line)
   - Cliniderm Shampoo  is available over the counter, but you need to ask the pharmacist for it

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